Next Generation Medical Platform.

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A new way for doctors to interact.

Find the best answers through an intelligent voting process. Benefit from feedback and the knowledge of leading experts. Expand your professional network and establish new contacts with specialists. Exchange information in a completely secure manner.

Four Panels Med User Interface


All information about doctors and patients is protected against unauthorized access by modern encryption mechanisms. An end-to-end encryption during data transfer ensures the highest data protection.


The user interface is designed intuitively, ensuring that each participant can work quickly and reliably without any special training. The surface optimally adapts to any screen size, whether it is a desktop, tablet, or a smartphone.


The tool-supported local and global collaboration of physicians, being professionally experienced and working in different disciplines, leads to a greater number of correct decisions. This benefits doctors and patients.


In order to work with Four Panels, no App is needed. The system can be simply accessed via any internet browser, using any device preferred.

Functionalities of Four Panels

Four Panels is an artificial intelligence-based, secure, and easy-to-use platform for medical professionals, featuring:


Use keywords to determine what medical cases you are interested in and what information you want to receive.

Data exchange

Exchange texts, pictures, videos, and audios in encrypted form with your colleagues.


Get decision-making support for medical questions through expert surveys with artificial intelligence (AI) based evaluations.

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Use your provided feedback based on the evaluations of your medical decisions to expand your knowledge and to increase your four panels expert score.


Establish contacts worldwide, sharing the same specialties and interests, via artificial intelligence.


Use the encrypted chat feature if you have specific questions for the author or other members of a topic.